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Intercontinental Espionage, ok maybe not so much.

Its been a slightly more than a month now and I’ve made no real progress towards my top 30. I haven’t even been able to finish the list. Maybe there aren’t 30 worthwhile adventures to complete within a year’s time, but then again that could just be my inner slacker.

During a conversation with a former college colleague, I was invited to Tangier, Morocco.  My initial response was “yeah, sure” with no real intent of seeing that come to fruition. However, after thinking about it I wondered why not? And thus the adventure begins. It started with a simple enough plan to visit Tangier and then I realized that I would be crazy if I passed up the opportunity to not explore a few other cities/countries as well.  So now I’ve decided that I want to visit Madrid, Tangier, Venice (with a possible stop in Rome to throw money into the Trevi Fountain-again), Venice, Secile (if my friend will ever respond), and then to Munich to celebrate Oktoberfest!

So now I’ve become obsessed with this idea. I’ve been frantically looking up airline tickets and weighing the pros and cons of flying across Europe vs. taking the train. This is the most excited that I’ve been in a very long time.

I am a little nervous about traveling abroad by myself. I’ve traveled in other countries before and never really had a problem, but then again I’ve always been with other people and everything just kind of worked. I also have a natural disposition against making plans. I’m fine with booking the flight and a couple of hostels along the way. But I hate to think of making exact travel arrangements now for a trip that I haven’t even started. I’m very much a here and now person. What happens if I get there and decide that I want to stay longer in one city or hop a train to a different place? And then there’s the anxiety that if I don’t make these plans now, then when I’m there I’ll be screwed and stuck in some god awful hell hole.

All in all,I’m excited. This will be one of the major adventures that I can cross off my list. Also, this is the one adventure that I wasn’t sure that I would be able to accomplish due to monetary issues. Perhaps while I am there I can see about taking that hot air balloon ride as well. Something to think about. Anyone know of any good hot air balloon pilots in Italy?

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