San Francisco Mini-Adventure (not on the list)

14 Jul

Tomorrow I leave for San Francisco. I’ve never been before and I look forward to experiencing what the fuss is about. It won’t be a very long adventure (4 days), but I plan on enjoying every moment of it.

I’m actually a little nervous about flying. Not really the flying part, just the checking in part. I haven’t flown in close to five years and that was before the restriction on liquids and all the new crazy rules regarding what you can and can’t take.  I hate not knowing the “rules of the road.” Its the same thing when you go into a restaurant that you’ve never been too before and you don’t know the proper etiquette of ordering according to that establishment. I like knowing, damnit!

I will be visiting a friend and my accomplice for the “I.E.” adventure. He is in charge of the planning this go-round (I’m saved from planning!) We have discussed some ideas such as, Angel Island, Golden Gate Park,
Haight-Ashbury, baseball, and pretty much anything that is related to the city. There is so much to do that I might just have to make plans to go back. I think that I will have one day on my own and I’ll probably spend that day shopping for vintage wares and eating lots o’ chinese food. Yum!

This adventure isn’t technically on the list, but maybe that’s why the list isn’t finished. Maybe the blank spots are for the unexpected or  maybe I’m just a slacker and trying to be creative in justifying them.

 This trip will also afford us time to sit down and go over the trip and decide where we actually want to go. (I’ve just added Prague to the list.) And hopefully we’ll find some places to stay as well. The logistics of this trip are killing me! I also just checked the status of my passport and I should be receiving it any day now! At least that’s one less thing that I have to worry about.

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