I will fall…

05 Jan

I added another adventure to my list a while back, to see real snow. Sure I’ve seen snow before, but its always been laden with ice and extremely wet. Right after I added this adventure to my list, my boyfriend who lives 2,664 miles away called me up and asked me if I would like to spend New Years in Tahoe.

It was kismet!   I also decided that this would be a great time to try my hand or my feet rather at snowboarding. I mean, why not, right?

Tahoe was breathtaking!  I was greeted with snow and rain, but luckily the rain fizzled into to snow flurries. After settling into the cabin, we went for a walk to explore and so that I could get my first taste of snow. It was wonderful!  The first night by the gas fireplace  with a glass of wine was perfect and I couldn’t have hoped for anything better.

The next day I awoke to additional 2 feet of gorgeous powder which had transformed the once visible road into an ice slide.  We struck out to the resort around 8 am in hopes that we would arrive in plenty of time for me to get my rental board, boots and get signed in for my lesson at 10 am, but the ice slide of a road had other ideas. After much debating, chaining of tires and couple of turn-arounds we arrived at the resort shortly before 11.

I had already missed my lesson so I would have to wait until the afternoon lesson at 1pm, which was ok by me. I sent Ace to the mountain of powder and became a snow widow. Finally, my time came. Nervous but optimistic, I listened to the instructor and tried to replicate his movements.  I felt clumsy, but so far I was managing. Then came the next test, step onto a conveyor belt and let it drag you to the top of a very tiny hill. I “skated” onto the belt and then I tried to move my other foot onto the board and promptly fell.  One thing I had to quickly give up was my pride.

The next two hours, I spent falling.  Just the act of moving into a standing position on a snowboard is a challenge!  A couple of times I was able to successfully make it the bottom of the hill without falling; Although, I had no idea how I had done it and completely unable to replicate the movements again. After each fall I became more determined that I would learn how to do this and I celebrated every small victory. A couple of times, a small girl had the misfortune of getting in front of me on my way down and without the ability to turn I was forced to crash into the snow behind her sending a spray of powder into her back . At least I was successful in scaring the bejeezus out of her!

The next day Ace decided that he would help me learn.  So with him by my side, I set out to conquer this bunny hill! He was more patient than I had thought that he would be. I had expected him to be frustrated because I wasn’t learning the techniques. I expected to be frustrated because he was frustrated.  But after each fall, he had a well thought out critique and a suggestion on how I could improve. I listened to his critiques and advice and I really tried to implement what he was teaching. I still fell time after time, but I could tell that I was learning and improving ever so slightly. I even managed a couple of times to make a successful turn and stop! When that happened I stood for a moment with jaw dropped open thinking that this had to be a mistake and surely I was actually lying on the snow.

In the midst of me falling down again and again into the powder, I also realized that I had fallen for him.

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