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Free Oranges

As I was walking to my car last Friday, I encountered two almost unsavory men on bicycles. I’ve had two bicycles stolen and I’m always on the lookout for them, as I passed them I studied the frames and looked for my “You are beautiful” sticker. As I’m passing the second man I see him mouth words at me so I remove my earphones and he repeats himself. “Have a beautiful weekend.” The simple gesture of good tidings made me smile and remember how far I’d come since my prized bicycle was stolen.

Where I am this year vs. last year is astounding. This time last year, my apartment had flooded, I was unemployed, completely broke (I was over drafting at a terrifying pace), I totaled my car, and my bicycle was stolen (again). Needless to say, I didn’t have very good expectations for the year 2010. I was optimistic that things would turn around, but I wasn’t expecting all that happened.

Who knew that the year that started in utter misery would turn out to be one of the best? I’ve done a lot of traveling, accomplished a few of adventures, and found love when I wasn’t looking. All in all not too shabby.

I was reminded of the “Beautiful Weekend” man later as I was leaving the grocery store. I don’t even know why, but suddenly his words were echoing in my head and my ridiculous smile and reemerged. Those words again brought me happiness and made me determined to have a beautiful weekend.

Of course, the next day I had all but forgotten those words. I awoke late, spent way too much time at the coffee shop, and made plans to meet up with friends. It struck me though as I was nosing about a new home décor store and stumbled across “free oranges,” which of course made me smile, which brought back to mind the earlier event, which made me realize that I was having a an absolutely beautiful weekend. The challenge now is to have a beautiful Monday.

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