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Last Day

Today is my last day as a 29 year old. Yes, that’s right, my birthday is April 1st and no its not a joke. This is the point where people ask or state rather, that I must be good at April Fool’s Day Jokes. Nope not really. I can’t even say that I’ve really tried. I don’t want to pull a prank unless it’s going to be really really good! Maybe next year.

I guess I should be reflective now. I’ve had a great year with a lot of unexpected surprises. Wonderful surprises I might add. As I momentarily reflect, I’m also reminded that I’m moving forward. It could be the boxes sitting in my room half packed and the continual debate about what I can truly bare to part ways with. There is nothing like moving across the country and knowing that the only things you’re taking with you are the things that will fit in your tiny car.
This is one chapter that I’m glad to be putting to bed, not because it was a terrible year, but because I’m excited and ready to start this new adventure. My newest adventure will start next week, after I bid adieu to friends and meet the parents. For some meeting the parents will invoke a knee jerk reaction of fight or flight, I actually like meeting parents. Parents love me! This time however, I am nervous maybe it has something to do with the seriousness of this relationship. I know Ace is nervous and not looking forward to meeting my parents. It’s a non-negotiable that he meet my parents before I move across the country with someone that they’ve never met. He could care less if I met his and would probably prefer that I didn’t. Family is important to me and so he’s willing to introduce me to his family as well as meet mine.
And speaking of family, my friend FINALLY had her baby! YAY! Weighing in at 7.3lbs and gorgeous. I’m glad that I’ll get to “meet” her, but also sad that I’m leaving and will miss so much of her life.

I won’t give the clichéd statement of “If you would have told me this a year ago, I wouldn’t have believed it.” I probably say “nah” while smiling and thinking to myself it’s quite possible. After all anything is possible, well almost anything.

P.S. I’ll report back on how meeting the parents went, from both sides.

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More on the Open Road…

My road trip across America has just been extended to 2 weeks. The orginal plan was just a fairly straightforward trip across the Southwest, but now Ace is throwing States such as Colorado into the hat for conversation.

I for one just want to make sure that I get in my fill of kitsch on this trip. I would love to stop at the dinosaurs that appeared in Pew Wee Herman’s Big Adventure. FYI: They are located in Cabazon, CA. And anything that claims to be the “World’s Largest ________.” I found a book ages ago that detailed the best roadside attractions from Coast to Coast. I wish I would have bought it!

I also like the idea of getting in some outdoor adventure time as well. I would love to be able to take Ace kayaking along the Buffalo or Quchita rivers in Arkansas. (I am orginally from this state.) I know that everyone likes to poke fun at people that are from Arkansas, but I promise that we aren’t all barefoot, missing our teeth, or talk like hillbillies. Its a nature lovers dream.

I would love to know where you’ve great roadside attractions stretching from North Florida to San Francisco. Ready, Set, Go! And thanks for playing!

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The Adventure of Moving

Let the adventure begin!

Year 29 has been a crazy whirlwind of travel, life adventures, and to end this year I will be trading the Sunshine State for the Golden State. What better time to move than at the culmination of my 20’s and the celebration of the next great chapter?

Using Google and Road Trip, I’ve been researching possible road trip routes to my new home for slightly over a month now. There are a couple of viable options in my mind. Side note: I also realized that it will be slightly after I turn 30, but this will fulfill one of my Top 30 adventures, The Great American Road Trip.

The first leg of my trip will be to visit my parents in Arkansas; this will also be the first time that Ace will get to meet my parents. Not an opportunity that he’s exactly thrilled about, because my family is important to me (as is he) he’s willing to play along.

After leaving my parents, it’s off to Te-has (Texas) where, I want to visit the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. I recently read that they have the largest display of tulips this side of Holland and with tulips being my favorite flower I simply HAVE to stop. I wonder if I can find some little wooden shoes?

Dallas could be the only stop in Texas because there doesn’t seem to be much after that until New Mexico. My great-grandmother lived in Cave City, AR and when we would visit her we would take a trip to the cave there. I always loved it and when I found out about the Carlsbad Caverns, I knew I had to go. From there Roswell could be the next mini-stop just a couple of pictures with signs and then we’d be off to finish crossing New Mexico, perhaps stopping in Albuquerque to visit family.

Ace requested a stop at the Grand Canyon. If we time it just right, I’m hoping that we can witness sunrise over the canyon. I think he’s mentioned that he wants to hike down to the bottom. I’m not sure how long that takes, but it seems like that could several hours. The going down part not so bad, it’d be the going up part that I’m not so sure about. Although, I know that it would be an amazing opportunity. I can’t even begin to imagine looking up from the floor of the G.C.

Bryce Canyon is another possible stop. However, in mind I feel like its out of the way and there isn’t a good way to make it over to California from there. If I weren’t driving my car, I would want to drive through America’s loneliest highway in Nevada, but I’m not so sure that my little car can make that trip.
There is still plenty of time to decide logistics and plan stops along the way. I know I’m missing out on some of the finer points of traveling across the Southwest, so if you’ve got ideas or suggestions let me know!

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The Big Easy Adventure

An intern in my office is headed to Nola, one of my favorite cities for spring break and I’ve agreed to come up with a list of places and things to do that she should at least attempt.

I’ve been several times and I’ve only done the Bourbon Street crawl once. It was a very memorable night, Halloween 2009, which coincided with Voodoo Fest. If you’ve never been to VF, I highly recommend it. Its 3 days of incredible music, in an amazing city and the weather is finally tolerable. We were a group of 5 women and had all decided to dress as sailor girls on Halloween night and enjoy the festivities on Bourbon.

We had agreed to meet in the French Quarter and once all 5 of us were assembled it became our first experience with “paparazzi.” It was dizzying at first. I don’t think that we moved for 20 minutes because of all the pictures that were being taken, which was unfair, we needed our “Big Ass Beers” or a Hurricane or some variety of a tasty adult beverage. After we had drinks firmly in hand, the paparazzi effect became easy to deal with. The street was jovial, everyone was there to have a great time and no one was flashing out of season (at least from what I remember.)

As the intern is going there next week she will get to experience Fat Tuesday. I’m kind of jealous, but I think that I will take my Voodoo Experience and call it a day. From the war stories of friends, it seems as though Halloween on Bourbon is Mardi Gras minus all the puking frat boys. Not to say there aren’t some aspects of Mardi Gras that I would love to experience such as the costume balls, parades as rider, and other festivities that Old Orleans society participates in. That would be how I want to experience it from the front of a grand home in the Garden District. But alas I’ll dream and make a list for the intern.

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