More on the Open Road…

25 Mar

My road trip across America has just been extended to 2 weeks. The orginal plan was just a fairly straightforward trip across the Southwest, but now Ace is throwing States such as Colorado into the hat for conversation.

I for one just want to make sure that I get in my fill of kitsch on this trip. I would love to stop at the dinosaurs that appeared in Pew Wee Herman’s Big Adventure. FYI: They are located in Cabazon, CA. And anything that claims to be the “World’s Largest ________.” I found a book ages ago that detailed the best roadside attractions from Coast to Coast. I wish I would have bought it!

I also like the idea of getting in some outdoor adventure time as well. I would love to be able to take Ace kayaking along the Buffalo or Quchita rivers in Arkansas. (I am orginally from this state.) I know that everyone likes to poke fun at people that are from Arkansas, but I promise that we aren’t all barefoot, missing our teeth, or talk like hillbillies. Its a nature lovers dream.

I would love to know where you’ve great roadside attractions stretching from North Florida to San Francisco. Ready, Set, Go! And thanks for playing!

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