Last Day

31 Mar

Today is my last day as a 29 year old. Yes, that’s right, my birthday is April 1st and no its not a joke. This is the point where people ask or state rather, that I must be good at April Fool’s Day Jokes. Nope not really. I can’t even say that I’ve really tried. I don’t want to pull a prank unless it’s going to be really really good! Maybe next year.

I guess I should be reflective now. I’ve had a great year with a lot of unexpected surprises. Wonderful surprises I might add. As I momentarily reflect, I’m also reminded that I’m moving forward. It could be the boxes sitting in my room half packed and the continual debate about what I can truly bare to part ways with. There is nothing like moving across the country and knowing that the only things you’re taking with you are the things that will fit in your tiny car.
This is one chapter that I’m glad to be putting to bed, not because it was a terrible year, but because I’m excited and ready to start this new adventure. My newest adventure will start next week, after I bid adieu to friends and meet the parents. For some meeting the parents will invoke a knee jerk reaction of fight or flight, I actually like meeting parents. Parents love me! This time however, I am nervous maybe it has something to do with the seriousness of this relationship. I know Ace is nervous and not looking forward to meeting my parents. It’s a non-negotiable that he meet my parents before I move across the country with someone that they’ve never met. He could care less if I met his and would probably prefer that I didn’t. Family is important to me and so he’s willing to introduce me to his family as well as meet mine.
And speaking of family, my friend FINALLY had her baby! YAY! Weighing in at 7.3lbs and gorgeous. I’m glad that I’ll get to “meet” her, but also sad that I’m leaving and will miss so much of her life.

I won’t give the clichéd statement of “If you would have told me this a year ago, I wouldn’t have believed it.” I probably say “nah” while smiling and thinking to myself it’s quite possible. After all anything is possible, well almost anything.

P.S. I’ll report back on how meeting the parents went, from both sides.

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