California Dreamin’

06 Jun

It was my intent to write an adventure daily. I fail. But I will vow to do better. Ok? good. Let’s Go.

So lemme tell you about my “epic” bike ride yesterday. And by bike I mean bicycle. (I want to ride my bicycle, bicycle!)
A red and white classic, she’s a beautiful bike and I call her The Little Red Rocket or Little Red. She’s a bit older, an 80’s something or another Trek. This means that she’s also a bit heavier because she a steel frame. Also something that is quite unique is that the gears aren’t round their oval. I think its called bi-pedal? I’m not sure so don’t quote me. It’s supposed to help distribute the work more evenly between your legs, but its a coin toss as to whether or not that’s true and some even believe it to be harmful. Did I mention that she has a bell?

Up until a month ago, I hadn’t been ridding in long time. But now that I’m in California and Ace doesn’t feel complete without doing serious riding at least twice a week, I’ve become a more avid rider. Small rides at first, to the grocery store, which was maybe a mile from home. And then it was roughly 5 miles. And then a little more. The first 15 mile I did was surprisingly moderate. The second time I did it, it felt super easy. I completed a couple of climbs that are normally more challenging without slowing down or losing my breath. Hu-zah! how

So when Ace said that he wanted to do a 30 mile loop, I thought that I could tackle that. And I did. Slowly, painfully and all while huffing and puffing. It wasn’t all that bad. Until I got to Lucas Valley. And then it was ALL up hill. A winding long, narrow at times hill err, mountain. As I’m working my way along oh-so-slowly a show off passed me. Ugh, she on her shiny, new, sleek, light-weight, super fast bicycle. I wanted to push her over. OK, not really, it didn’t even cross my mind. What I did think however, was that she as she was passing me she was probably thinking “Aww, look at the pudgy girl huffing and puffing, now get out of my way.” I was also sure that Ace wished I was more like her. And then I started wondering why he wasn’t with a bicycle obsessed girl. And what the hell did he see in me? And then all I could think was OMG I’m never going to make it up this damn hill!

Eventually, I did make it to a place called Big Rock. From there it was easier for a hot minute. Little Red LOVES going downhill. It’s great! You get that feeling that you had as a kid. Whoosh! Wee! And then the down was over and it became flat and my legs became cement. It felt like I was going through mud. No matter how much I exerted myself or tried to go faster, I just wasn’t moving. At least the scenery made the slow going enjoyable: golden hills, lush redwood forest, wildlife, all enjoyed at a snail’s pace.

My favorite part of the trip was the downhill decent into Fairfax. Little Red became a rocket! She really whooshed right down. I probably topped out somewhere around 45 mph. Going that speed is a nerve racking. After all, the only thing separating you from the pavement is your clothing. Fun thought, right? But I made it. Even if my legs felt like jell-o after getting home.

Will I do it again? Probably? Will it be easier? Probably not. Will I still want to push over the flashy girls on their flashy bikes? Oh yeah. The point is, I’m doing it and maybe one day I can do it without all the huffing and puffing.

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