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Its not about fast

Over Labor Day weekend, Ace and I set out on a bicycle/camping adventure. We loaded my bike with panniers or “pannies” as I like to call them and Ace towed a “Bob” cart with the main essentials of our trip. Our aim was Bodega Bay, a mere 60 miles North of us. Arming ourselves with sunscreen off we went.

After at least 2 hours on the road, we were finally leaving a majority a civilization behind. The ride was still easy, affording nice views of a lake and gorgeous golden California countryside. My first real test happened about 2 hours in. The road turned right and lead up a small hill. That “small” hill kept growing and stretching out like snake. This small hill had just become daunting. Half way up, I saw this sign and had to stop for a photo op. That little break gave me the little extra oomph that I needed to continue. The best was when I finished I wasn’t huffing and puffing nor did my legs feel like Jell-O. After that I knew I could finish this trip!

Here is my reward for the climb!

Once we were about 6 miles from our destination and about five and half hours into our trip, I was done! My hands were numb, my saddle was sore, and it was beginning to get dark. We pulled away from our last rest stop and headed off me with the belief that we would soon be resting. As I was enjoying coasting downhill, I followed the road. Up, up, up. Not a hard climb, just a long slow steady one. At the top of that hill another one, and then another one and probably another one after that. Here I am slightly soggy from a day of sweating it out, cold, runny nose, tired, and sore. Can you tell that I was over it? And I swear, Bodega Bay was being moved just out of our reach. We did finally make it there an hour and a half later! Ace then suggested we try to find a hotel room. That was a really sweat gesture, but there was no way that I’d just traveled with somewhere close to an extra 15 pounds of camping gear strapped to my bike to call it quits and get a room. OOHH No! If I’d made it all that way, by god, I was going to use that stuff!

One thing that I don’t enjoy about camping is the other campers. I know that we’re all outside and generally speaking you can use your “outside voice,” but at 7:30 in the morning I want to stuff a sock in your mouth. It seems that is no longer camper etiquette. Its not just the kids. Parents are some of the worst offenders. I felt really bad for one set of kids. Their parents are really mean and loud. Poor Amanda, that kid was always in trouble and her sister just wanted to go to the bakery. 😦
Not exactly the way that I wanted to start my day. I glanced at my bike and I started trying to think of ways to get out of pedaling home. Making that trek again did not sound appealing. And my hands were perma asleep (and still are a week later.) I knew that I had to finish though, I couldn’t be a quitter. I wouldn’t be a quitter!

On the way home, we traveled along the coastline. Breathing in the ocean air and beautiful views along the bay. It was a great day and pretty much ended the same way as day one with me being tired, sore, and over it.

Traveling on bike really forced me to be in the moment of here and now. It allowed me to soak in my surroundings and enjoy scenery I might not have noticed otherwise. Along the way, we passed so much farm land that I started talking to the cows as I passed. Ok, so really I would just moo at them, hoping for some sort of reaction and I named all of them “Butter.”It allows you to have little adventures along the way like taking advantage of the blackberries along the side of the road. DELICIOUS!

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