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My Life in Boxes

Today’s adventure is about packing your life into boxes. As I am getting ready to embark on becoming a member of the west coast, I have been steadily gathering, wrapping, and stuffing my things into boxes. I sold the little bit of furniture that I possessed, sold a few odds and ends, and threw things into the garbage. I’ve tried to keep in mind my 6 month rule: If I haven’t used it, thought about it, or needed it the last 6 months then I don’t really need it.

The problem that stems from that rule is that it doesn’t allow you to keep many relics from your past. Its also hard to judge what you may or not miss in the future. To be certain, I’ve gotten rid of somethings in the past that I still wish I had. I had a rather lovely screen print on canvas of a bicycle in front of the Eiffel Tower that I set to the curb once because I was rather tired of packing and wanted to be done.

I bought 2 boxes from Fed Ex, 24″ x 24″ 24″. The weight limit for each box 150 lbs. My challenge pack as much of my 30 years into these two boxes, keeping only the most fragile and basic necessities that I will need for a 2 week road trip. I packed, unpacked, and repacked. My legs took a beating from the box flaps that I would frequently run into to. My hands dried out and all my nails broke. In the process, I became a creative master in the art of packing. Battered a bruised but not beaten, I took those 2 boxes back to be weighed and shipped. My life weighs roughly, (drum roll please…) 193 lbs. Not including the clothes and other few items that I’m taking with me on the road.

Its kind of mind blowing how little the cumulative of my life weighs. I feel almost feel like a vagabond, if I ever needed to run away quickly I could do it with few or no strings to pull along with me. It also serves as a reminder of the permanence or lack thereof, of life. Life isn’t forever. We don’t get to keep the things that we’ve worked hard at preserving.

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2 Weddings & a Baby

As I’ve been thinking about my Top 30 Before 30 adventure, I’ve come to realize that I’m partaking in adventures that aren’t mine, however, I’m still an active (and willing) participant . Most recently, I’ve been recruited to play in my best friend from college’s wedding, my friend’s pregnancy, and my little sister’s wedding.  

Admittedly, I am not a baby person. I don’t ooh and ahh at baby’s and start speaking in a ridiculously high voice like most women do at the sight of or sometimes just mention of the word baby. Nor do I feel any sort of maternal-whatever. I just don’t know what all the fuss is about, babies are not a new occurrence. This isn’t to say that I don’t like kids (or babies) as long as they don’t belong to me, I’m good.

 This go round, I’m excited for my friend. I’m happy to take part in her adventure as much as she wants me too. I’ve been looking at baby gear online and I gladly listen as she describes what’s going on with “baby” this week. I now know more about the first 10 weeks of pregnancy than I ever thought I would! And I’m happy to know and continue to learn as the weeks tick by.

 The past few times that I’ve heard any women discuss marriage they get that same high pitched voice used when the word baby is mentioned. Then they want to discuss any and all aspects of their impending wedding. I might care if I knew them, but since I don’t know them, I don’t really care. Perhaps it’s the rebel in me that makes me want to dislike things that most women seem to fall all over themselves about. Again, with the two weddings that I’m participating in, I magically don’t mind. But thinking about all of my friends who have recently married, no one really talked about or swooned over their wedding plans. They sort of skim the details and talk about the wedding as if it’s just another event. All in all, its almost as if they don’t expect me to care, which I do of course.

Either way, I’m happy to be taking part in all of my friends  life adventures.

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