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Day One – The beginning of the end?

Today is my big day. It’s the official kickoff of my “Top 30 Before 30.”  I will attempt to accomplish 30 adventures before the age of 30 and starting today I have 365 days to complete this task.  This all started as something of a novelty, but then I really started thinking about it and really got into the whole idea. My friends have even gotten into the spirit of things and offered up ideas and the willingness to help.

“The List.”  ( at least what I can remember at the momnet -more to be added later)

1. Take a ride in a hot air balloon
2. Travel to a foreign country (again.)
3. Sew at least one dress
4. Knit something other than a hat or scarf
5. Read 5 more “classic books” (just finished Lolita)
6. Learn how to tend bar
7. Learn how to drive a motorcycle
8. Become a Suicide Girl
9. Attempt to learn how to play guitar
10. Enjoy a 3 martini lunch
11. Travel to NYC solo
12. Learn how to surf
13. Make dinner for 30 people (will settle for 10-15)
14. Throw a drink in someone’s face
15. Finish this damn list
16. Great American road trip
17. Go to Vegas (again and now that I’m 21)

I’m looking forward to starting my journey not only for the adventures, but also to see who will join me along to way.

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